PhD Student

Since October 2016

@ Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Systems Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence

CTO / Owner

Since August 2011

@ Tekkie Consulting

Alba Iulia, Romania
  • Large-scale application architecture consultancy.
  • Artificial intelligence products using Watson and Rainbird.

Principal Developer

October 2011 ‐ April 2015

@ Lola Enterprises

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Kickstarted offshore development technical team focused on developing complex SOA applications with a strong emphasis on performance, both application- and component-level.
  • Prepared technical architecture of SOA layers, using a LAMP stack backbone.
  • Mentor developer colleagues to best practices (TDD, continuous integration, BDD, etc).
  • Design and implement data migration and massaging processes, aimed at large amounts of data.
  • Ensured smooth integration between backend, frontend and administration components.
  • Developed backend components.
  • Occasionally wearing the scrum master hat.

Senior Application Developer

November 2009 ‐ November 2011

@ Easy To Book GmbH

Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Design and implement multi-tiered applications aimed at allowing people to book hotel rooms from multiple sources.
  • Optimise performance of public reservations engine.
  • Design and develop analytics solutions for the marketing team.
  • Design and develop other internal company applications.

LAMP Contractor, co-owner

August 2009 ‐ December 2010

@ GeoWeb Consulting

London, United Kingdom
  • Design and develop backend applications for various UK customers.
  • Develop websites using LAMP stack.
  • Advise strategies to stabilise and improve legacy codebases.

LAMP contractor

January 2009 ‐ July 2009

@ Beju Georgiana-Ioana PFA

Timisoara, Romania
  • Implemented a real estate framework which consumes a SOAP API from to obtain real estate properties and display them in the company‚Äôs own website (;
  • PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS web development

Lead Developer

May 2006 ‐ December 2009

@ Realmedia Network SRL

Timisoara, Romania
  • Coordinated the technical team for the online software development department.
  • Established the entire software development process, chose the software tools, decided workflow and responsibilities of team members.
  • Architected and documented the base framework for development, chose libraries and other development tools, designed structures and code for the individual projects.
  • Redesigned the entire code base for the new generation of real estate online software provided by


December 2004 ‐ May 2006

@ Ciao GmbH

Timisoara, Romania
  • Develop data migration scripts for extremely large amounts of data. Handled the E and T part of a custom ETL solution.
  • Optimise database access and data extraction, in particular MySQL and Postgresql.
  • Develop command-line scripts for background tasks.
  • Develop internal back-office solution.

Web Developer

November 2003 ‐ December 2004

@ IQ Solutions

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Develop an employee management and time tracking solution using LAMP stack.
  • Develop company website.
  • Elaborate user manuals for the company products.
  • Develop an inventory management product using MS Access.